At the heart of spiritual counseling is not a set of skills but rather Divine Guidance

Dr. Cristy Cali


         any coaches put spiritual counseling and holistic life coaching in the same category; which is totally fine, except I like to separate the two for the sake of understanding the different styles and approaches.


When I counsel my clients from a spiritual approach, we expand the focus and perspective from the individual to the collective. What I mean by this is, in order to attain spiritual perspective we have to go back to the beginning, back to The Source.


As a meta-physician and ordained minister of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, I see the world much differently. I see people as energetic frequencies and intuitively feel the level at which they vibrate.


We all have these capabilities. We are all “mediums” or “psychic” if those are terms more familiar to you. The reason this has been kept as a secret by modern establishment is because if they were to ever acknowledge this, the establishment and institutions would lose their power over us – the medical industry, the scientific community, the educational institutes, even government organizations such as the FDA. Why? Because ultimately, the truth is within us and we can access all information that exists intuitively through skill, experience, practice and ancient wisdom as easily as a Google search. 


I only use spiritual counseling techniques and approaches to those who are not just open to it, but specifically request it; otherwise, I keep it to a minimum and stick to a more grounded and “practical” level.

Life without liberty is like a body without Spirit

~ Khalil Gibran


Together, let’s discover the authentic power that lives within you that is aching to come out and flourish in the light of your life.


    Spiritual Counseling may be right for you if you:

    • Are suffering from past emotional wounds

    • Are struggling with forgiveness

    • Feel inadequate or low self-value

    • Are unclear of what your life mission & purpose is

    • Feel unloved, lonely or abandoned

    • Coping with loss or grief

    • Astrology

    • Numerology

    • Meditation exercises

    • Hypnosis (with signed consent)

    • Acupuncture 

    • Palm reading

    • Crystal Energy

    • Energy Healing

If you desire a more spiritual approach, I will consider utilizing or recommending any combination of the following fields of study or techniques to assist in your transformation:​​

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Crystal Healing

  • Meditation

  • Holistic Tarot (not fortune telling)

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Change in diet/lifestyle

Limitations come from inside your mind

~ Barbara Marciniak


If your heart feels resonance with my message here, then I would  be happy and thrilled to work with you for the honored turn-arounds you are seeking for your own life.  

I only accept clients who I truly believe I can help, which honors both your time and money, as well as makes sure you receive the exact qualified help you are seeking. 


If you feel you strongly resonate with my energy and are ready start your jouney by booking your first session with me, click below and
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