A one-of-a-kind bracelet intuitively designed and created just for you based upon the energy of your life right now.


Cristy Cali is an emotional intuitive certified Holistic Life Coach with a doctorate in Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences. This product offers the opportunity to establish a special energetic relationship between jewelry designer & the wearer. 



  • Your intuitively designed bracelet with genuine precious & semiprecious stones, in some cases a gemstone will be "prescribed" based on the planetary energy of your birth chart 
  • An empowering selfie-video message addressed to you 10-15 minutes long
  • A PURE™ Blend Essential Oil 
  • A healing crystal 
  • A detailed Metaphysical Report:
    • Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
    • Dr. Cali's Birth Chart Analysis
    • Numerology Numbers (see below for details)
    • Dr. Cali's Words of Encouragement


Numerology Numbers


  • Life Lesson Number 
    Represents the lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime and particularly sheds light on your career choice
  • Soul Number 
    Represents your real personality; the part of you that only you truly know about yourself. If you embrace the idea of reincarnation, this also indicates what kind of person you have been in previous lifetimes. 
  • Outer Personality Number 
    This number describes how other people see you, although not necessarily who you are. It shows what people expect of you due to the energy you emanate and how you appear to them. 
  • Path of Destiny Number 
    This number represents what you came here to accomplish and create for yourself in this lifetime.


100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 

Happy Empowerment Bracelet customers are invited to a discounted follow-up coaching session for a more personal discussion!

Dr. Cali's Empowerment Bracelet Experience


    Average bracelet appraisal value $400-500

    Each order takes a minimum 3 hours to complete


    Please allow up to 10 business days from submitting Confidential Questionnaire for your bracelet to ship. 


    Cristy works exclusively with fine materials such as sterling silver components and genuine precious & semi-precious stones sourced from all over the world.


    Possible stones utilized: diamonds, garnets, black ruti, amethyst, sapphires, rubies, onyx, amatrine, black spinel, tourmaline, labradorite, freshwater pearls, and many more... 


    Bracelet images of of real past Empowerment Bracelet Clients

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