What Is A Doctor of Metaphysics? Why Should I See One?

Updated: Mar 31

I knew I would never be a medical doctor - too squeamish. Despite my interest in International Business Law, I knew I would never be a lawyer - ain't no body got time for that ;) I knew also knew, after 4 years at two private liberal arts universities, that I would never step foot back into a university as a student.

So, last year when I completed my doctorate program from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science, I cheerfully chuckled when I received my doctoral diploma in the mail. After I had it professionally framed, I hung it next to my Loyola University of New Orleans diploma and was shaking my head thinking how illogical it was that my metaphysical doctoral degree was a fraction of the cost, completed in half the time, and much more valuable in terms of practical living.

In all honesty, I truly feel this way. Knowing what I know now, I would choose to work with someone who has a metaphysical educational background over someone who does not - even if it is not a formal degree. Those who have dedicated their time and energy into the field of metaphysics see the world from a mutually agreed upon perspective, once which includes certain principles of value. Metaphysicans understand there is more than meets the eye; and to a degree, there is a greater sense of open-mindedness compared to mainstream thought and conditioned belief systems.

Defining Metaphysics

Dictionary.com defines metaphysics as:

  1. the branch of philosophy that treats of first principles, includes ontology and cosmology, and is intimately connected with epistemology.

  2. philosophy, especially in its more abstruse branches.

  3. the underlying theoretical principles of a subject or field of inquiry.

  4. ( initial capital letter , italics ) a treatise (4th century b.c.) by Aristotle, dealing with first principles, the relation of universals to particulars, and the teleological doctrine of causation.

My metaphysics professor, Dr. Doug Kelley, defined metaphysics as the scientific study of consciousness and existence. Out of all the teachers I've had in my life, Dr. Kelley has probably made the greatest, most positive impact on my being. His logical, practical approach with a kind sense of humor made learning as easy as reading a favorite book. His material focuses heavily on the practicality of metaphysics, rather than the mystical and esoteric topics, which is a monumental aspect within itself.

New Advent's Catholic Encyclopedia offers quite an elaborate and well written 8-section explanation on the subject, which I encourage as a supplemental read. Their most general definition reads, "Metaphysics is that portion of philosophy which treats of the most general and fundamental principles underlying all reality and all knowledge."

Upon closer examination of the term, as Raed Abdul Masih outlines its Greek origin, μετά (metá, "beyond", "upon" or "after") and (φυσικά physiká, "physics"). It was first used as the title for several of Aristotle's works, because they were usually anthologized after the works on physics in complete editions. The prefix meta- ("after") indicates that these works come "after" the chapters on physics. However, Aristotle himself did not call the subject of these books "Metaphysics": he referred to it as "first philosophy."

Branches of Metaphysics

Under the umbrella of metaphysics lies a multitude of branches that cover quantum physics, New Age thought, ancient esoteric wisdom to quite unbelievable concepts about space and time. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Cosmology - a central branch of metaphysics, that studies the origin, fundamental structure, nature, and dynamics of the universe.

  • Cosmogony - the branch of science that deals with the origin of the universe, especially the solar system

  • Ontology - It is the study of reality or existence or just the nature of being.

  • Natural Theology/Philosophy - the study of God, including the nature of religion and the world, existence of the divine, questions about the creation, and the various other religious or spiritual issues.

  • Parapsychology - the branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of purportedly psychic phenomena, as clairvoyance,extrasensory perception, telepathy, and the like.

  • Theology/Religion - Theology is the study of religion in a rational manner.

  • Positivism - the study of society that relies specifically on scientific evidence, such as experiments and statistics, to reveal a true nature of how society operates.

  • Epistemology - a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge; the study of knowledge.

  • Rationalism - the view that regards reason as the chief source and test of knowledge rather than culture, religion, society or emotion

Principles of Belief

Included in my doctoral program is the ministerial duty to the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, founded by my professor, as previously mentioned, Dr. Doug Kelley. I bring this up because I feel understanding ICMH's 9 principles of belief is crucial in determining if seeking the counsel of a metaphysical doctor is in alignment with your own personal values. As an ordained minister of ICMH, I, too, feel strongly about upholding these principles in my own life. They are as follows:

Principle 1: As sentient and evolving human beings, we not only believe in practicing and living by the principle, “Do No Harm,” but also in the principle of “Do Right” thus enhancing the vibrational level of humanity.

Principle 2: We believe in the indomitable power of the human spirit to ultimately triumph in the face of any dilemma; the answers we seek already exist within us. We invoke and exert the counselor and guru within.

Principle 3: We believe that we alone are responsible for and capable of solving human social problems and believe the roots of those solutions lie in exploring, understanding, and empowering the human condition.

Principle 4: We embrace the differences that make all human beings unique recognizing that we all come from star material and are, therefore, equal irrespective of heritage, beliefs, gender, or gender preference. One planet, one race, one ancestry, one destiny.

Principle 5: Rather than a supreme being, we recognize and honor the divine energy that exists in all living things.

Principle 6: We believe the nature of a human being encompasses both a physical and spiritual aspect, and that human consciousness survives the death of the physical body in a coherent fashion; thus, death opens a new chapter of life and conducts the individual into a higher state of existence.

Principle 7: We believe in Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Respect for Free Will, and that these three synergistically create the goal of Self-Completeness (self-actualization).

Principle 8: We believe in the value of practical education in metaphysics, meta-psychology, and life-skills as a means of empowering the human spirit and enhancing the human condition. We maintain an open—but grounded—mind to potential realities as yet undescribed by science. 

Principle 9: We believe that discovering the true nature of consciousness and human existentialism will ultimately have a positive impact on human evolution and peaceful coexistence.

Metaphysical Specializations of Study

Those who hold a doctorate in metaphysics will undeniably be quite serious and proud of their supplementary education. Bear in mind, one could be just as knowledgeable, if not more so in the field of metaphysics without a degree. Nevertheless, one who has taken the time and dedication to study in a more formal matter and investing financial resources into an educational program may be more inclined to offer their services by starting their own metaphysical practice.

The metaphysical institute from which I received my designation from offers an array of specializations, such as:

  1. Metaphysical Science MHs.D or PhD

  2. Spiritual Philosophy MHs.D or PhD

  3. Metaphysical Education MHs.D or Ed.D or PhD

  4. Metaphysical Communications MHs.D or PhD

  5. Metaphysical Organizational Leadership MHs.D or PhD

  6. Metaphysical Ministry D.Min or DD or PhD

  7. Metaphysical Humanistic Ontology D.Min or DD or PhD

  8. Metaphysical Spiritual Counseling D.Min or DD or PhD

  9. Metaphysical Pastoral Counseling D.Min or DD or PhD

  10. Metaphysical Holistic Life Coaching D.Min or DD or PhD

  11. Metaphysical Spiritual Life Coaching D.Min or DD or PhD

  12. Metaphysical Hypnosis MHy.D or PhD

  13. Metaphysical Holistic Healing MHs.D or D.Min or DD or PhD

  14. Metaphysical Holistic Arts MHs.D or D.Min or DD or PhD

  15. Metaphysical Holistic Ministry D.Min or DD or PhD

  16. Metaphysical Energy Healing MHs.D or D.Min or DD or PhD

  17. Metaphysical Spiritual Healing MHs.D or D.Min or DD or PhD

  18. Paranormal Science MHs.D or PhD

  19. Anomalous Research MHs.D or PhD

  20. Parapsychology MHs.D or PhD

  21. Ufology MHs.D or PhD

  22. Cryptozoology MHs.D or PhD

  23. Hominology MHs.D or PhD

  24. Para-Anthropology MHs.D or PhD

  25. Metaphysical Cultural Anthropology MHs.D or PhD

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Given the amount of different areas of concentration, you can see how those who are truly passionate about these fields of study would be enthusiastic about pursuing a more formal education. Until Yale or Harvard offers formal metaphysical courses, the mystic pupil is left with a limited selection of options for academic training - whether accredited or not.

In case you have not noticed, the online course industry has exploded in recent years. We've all, at one time or another, had a teacher at a school who we later learned was not as bright or intelligent as we thought them to be. Academia does not guarantee intelligence, common sense, or even truth for that matter. Regardless of the initials behind someone's name, respect and authority, as a human being, is earned through one's own effectiveness.

When Should I Seek Counsel From A Metaphysical Doctor?

As listed above, there are many different specializations which fall under the metaphysical category. Personally, my specialization was in Holistic Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling. Currently, I am supplementing my studies to earn a certification in hypnosis.

I chose this specialization due to my own personal triumphs and life experiences. Into my mid 20's I stumbled across a realization that would catapult me into the study of metaphysics. To elaborate, I was led by a series of events to discover that my mother was a narcissist. Up until that time, I had always thought I had the unfortunate luck of having a mother who didn't know how to love or just be happy. She was diagnosed with a mental disease when I was in my teens, and she was actively on medication for many years, but the labeling of her condition did not help her case. In fact, things worsened from there.

The mere fact that she had a name, a label, to reference was an excuse for her behavior. She could never be held accountable. Yet, my whole life I was carrying a load of guilt and shame for feeling inadequate. Why was I not enough to make her happy? Despite having a husband who would do anything for her, a successful business she built from the ground up, and her material wealth not enough?

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Her case was an unsolved mystery for many years. After numerous absurd and dramatic episodes, I made the painful decision to cease communication with her. I carried an emotional ton of weight on my shoulders for many years until 2015. I sought the counsel of world-renowned New Orleans psychic, Cari Roy, for guidance. She was, in my opinion, the one who pushed the first domino in my spiritual healing journey. She's the one who after only a few minutes of expressing my troubled past recommended a book that would change my life forever.

I received more valuable and practical guidance from a psychic than I had ever received from years of therapy with different licensed counselors and therapists. As happy as I was to finally find real emotional and spiritual relief, I was frustrated and disappointed with the level of competence and empathy by academically accredited professionals. By no means is this to cast a net on the entire group, just a personal testament as to my own personal experience. Surely, a metaphysican could earn an academically accredited designation that would allow them the best of both worlds, but I have yet to meet one. I am also not saying there is no need for these licensed and accredited professionals. What I am saying is they are not the only available solution and for otherwise mentally healthy individuals, alternative methodologies are a viable option.

For the next two years, I would dedicate my free time, which was scarce since I was a full-time CEO of my fine jewelry business, to earning my holistic life coaching certification and metaphysical doctorate. That program, in addition to countless books on the subject, helped me to heal myself from decades of the emotional psychological abuse I endured. Believe it or not, I was able to heal so much of myself, I even learned how to love her again. In doing so, I discovered the true meaning of unconditional love.

Spiritual Counseling Vs. Clinical Counseling

What I find attractive about life coaching is the dynamic of the relationship is peer-to-peer rather than doctor/therapist-patient. In my opinion, I find the word "patient" unfavorable because it insinuates automatically that there is something "wrong" with the individual seeking help. Traditional clinical counseling will usually focus on the past; whereas coaches and spiritual counselors will focus on your future & goals.

Spiritual counseling is somewhat like the intuitive counseling which psychics have been sharing with humanity since the beginning of time. The exception with this service is that this is specifically designed to heal the client through awareness-provoking questions. The difference between spiritual counseling, in comparison to clinical counseling let's say, is that spiritual counseling is designed to heal and empower an individual, rather than labeling, diagnosing and prescribing medication. - Julie Turner

Coaches help mentally stable individuals reach their untapped higher potential in life or business. Think of coaches as your greatest cheerleader, a mentor who motivates, an advisor who encourages, or a teacher who is supportive. They are there to plant positive, reinforcing belief patterns to replace any older, non-functional belief systems which are holding you back from reaching your greater potential. They may introduce new practices such as meditation, journaling, energy work, hypnosis, nature trails, and other activities that promote inner peace.

Coaches will push you to be self-complete, meaning you will not need to look outside of your own being to be at peace, including the coach. In fact, an honest coach disapprove of dependency on him or her, for that is contradictory to elevating the human spirit to be complete within oneself.

Book A Consultation

If your heart resonated with what you learned today and you feel called to elevate your being to a higher state of awareness, then I would love to explore the possibility of working with you.

Based on my personal life experience and professional education, I specialize in the following areas and offer the following services:

  • Holistic Life Coaching - discovering areas you can make changes to improve your quality of life

  • Identifying & healing from toxic relationships

  • Discovering your soul's purpose & business planning

  • Family business coaching - all family members must be in agreement to participate

  • Spiritual Counseling - helping you explore and adopt spiritual practices to deepen your connection to the Universe and others

  • Metaphysical readings - includes your Vedic Astrology Natal Chart & Esoteric numerology analysis

  • Prescription Jewelry - Custom designed genuine gemstone jewelry inspired by your metaphysical reading

If you're interested in booking a consultation with me, please click here.

Cristy Cali is a certified holistic life coach, doctor of metaphysics, Vedic astrologer, and CEO of an internationally recognized fine jewelry brand. She currently lives in outskirts of New Orleans with her husband and two dogs. Cali's mission is to inspire, enlighten and empower others to a higher state of consciousness in order to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life through the metaphysical humanistic principles.

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