The Delicate Dance of Empowering Women without Belittling Men

Its no secret women have been suppressed for far too long. We all know it, and we’ve all experienced the imbalance differently. The old patriarchal ways are crumbling and we’re finally witnessing & experiencing the collapse of the old world.

We are the authors of our own future, and I say let us be cautious not to step and injure our fellow brothers as we elevate the sisterhood of women in the world. Do not shy away from or become offended when a man extends their hand to uplift you, for you are no less a woman for accepting support from your human brother. True equality of the sexes is attainable through cooperation, not competition. 

In this article, I will make references to different sources and materials in an attempt to explain and build the case, with a metaphysical perspective, why feminism, extreme female aggression, and the condemnation of our male counterpart is not the most effective, nor the most pleasant way, of reaching true equality of the sexes. Feminism is not and does not promote equality; it is merely a script to tip the scales the other way. I will explain how on a purely energetic level, we are all One; the Law of the Universe will eventually teach us when we suppress any group of humans, even when trying to balance the scales, we are essentially hurting ourselves. Cooperative effort between the group of original suppressants and the suppressed is required to attain balance.

Author Tricia McCannon dedicated an entire chapter in her book, Return of The Divine Sophia, (which I highly recommend) titled The Four Male and Female Polarities:

“In all the subtle realms of Spirit, as well as the worlds of form, the yin and yang polarities exist in a constantly moving dance of energies. In the East, the yin has come to signify all that make up the Spirit of the Universe. The Chinese called this Spirit the chi or the Tao, and acknowledged that the yang, or male, exists within the yin, just as the yin, or female, exists within the yang. One grows out of the other, and neither could exist without the opposite. Man could not exist without woman, nor dark without light. They consist and interpenetrate the other. The universe itself is created through the relationship between the yin and yang, the heavens and the Earth, and it is the intercourse between them that produces everything." (McCannon, 177)

McCannon's entire book discusses the rise of the Divine Feminine, the feminine spirit within us all, but focuses the lost and suppressed ancient knowledge once handed down from woman to woman, generation after generation. This was more than just kitchen and household talk, we're talking about the Native American's medicine men and women, the African shaman, the Greek oracles, the Egyptian Sages and others. This was no accident. This was purposeful to reduce the power (knowledge) of women so they could be more easily controlled and manipulated. The more we were made dependent on men, the less we trusted our Inner Knowing, our intuition.

McCannon states, "As you know, we have seen entirely too much of the negative aspect of the male path, or the patriarchy, in the past few thousand years, but it is important to discuss these qualities so that we might start to understand how these forces interact with one another." (McCannon, 178)

Although the world's most recent history has expressed a patriarchal imbalance, we must remember, both polarities - male & female - carry a positive and a negative expression of itself. 

"The yin current in magnetic, while the yang is electrical, and since we are electromagnetic beings, these currents exist within every human being, as well as every culture, and they can be expressed in either a positive and a negative way.

What she says next is what I believe the current main stream culture is labeling as toxic masculinity.

"The negative masculine path is aggressive, warlike, judgmental, threatening, oppressive, and controlling, and it has ruled the world for almost three millennia. It is competitive and brutal, violent and punishing, and it is this polarity that needs to change for us to come back in to balance as a planet. If we moved away from this polarity, we would abolish all rape and senseless violence."

Next, McCannon precedes to consider how the astrological systems may have played a role in orchestrating the energetic circumstances to cultivate the societies and cultures we've seen today and in recent history.

"I couldn't help but think about how the patriarchy has descended so strongly on the rest of the world since the Age of Aries arrived around 2200 BCE. Since Aries is an age that is so traditionally thought to e ruled by Mars, the God of War, it seemed to have ushered in an era of conflict, hostilities, and brutal male dominance. So strong was the pull of this masculine aggression that it virtually overwhelmed the softer, feminine Age of Pisces, which began around 100 BCE and is only now just ending. Pisces is ruled by water, a symbol of emotions and spirituality.
The Age of Pisces was intended to be a spiritual and introspective period, focused on the spiritual teachings of Jesus, its avatar. But it was overwhelmed by its more dominant masculine forces, basically creating male-dominant and male-subdominant streams of energy that affected many cultures around the world. This is part of the reason that the world has been so out of balance, since both the male and female polarities must be in balance if people are to create healthy societies.
It is an amazing testament to the raw strength of this negative aggression that is so completely overshadowed a very spiritual age like Pisces, whose avatar was the incredible master, Jesus. If an enlightened being such as Jesus, whose deeper teachings sought to usher in a balance between the male and female polarities, couldn't begin to turn the tide of human consciousness until now, imagine how successfully the dark forces have used this negative current of lies and suppression for the denigration of men and women alike.

Stepping away from the works of McCannon, momentarily, I'd like to bring to your attention the works of Jane Roberts, the famed American poet, author and channeler of the personality self-identified as "Seth," from the mid 1960's into the 1970's in her series of book publications titles The Seth Material. Highly recognized figures in modern society have personally written testimonies on the back of the most recent published volume of the Seth Material, making the case of how valuable this literature has been in their lives:

"Seth was one of my first metaphysical teachers. He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life" - Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love.
"The Seth books present an alternate map of reality with a new diagram of the psyche... useful to all explorers of consciousness." - Deepak Chopra, M.D. author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.
"I would like to see the Seth books as required reading for anyone on their psiritual pathway. The amazing in-depth information in the Seth books is as relevant today as it was in the early '70s when Jane Roberts first channeled this material." - Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

In the following excerpt of Seth Speaks, Seth elaborates on terminology cited by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst who died in 1961. Consider Seth's explanation of the male & female energies in comparison to McCannon's chapter of the Four Male & Female Polarities:

"Each person lives both male and female lives. As a rule, conscious memory of these is not retained. To prevent an over-identification of the individual with his present sec, within the male there resides an inner personification of the femaleness. This personification of femaleness in the ale is the true meaning of what Jung called the 'anima.'
The anima in the male is, therefore, the psychic memory and identification of all the previous female existences in which the inner self has been involved. It contains within it the knowledge of the present male's past female histories, and the intuitive understanding of all the female qualities with which the personality is innately endowed. (Roberts, 185)
The anima, therefore, is an important safeguard, preventing the male from over-identifying with whatever cultural male characteristics have been imposed upon him through present background, environment, and education. The anima serves not only as a personal but as a mass-civilizing influence mellowing strongly aggressive tendencies and serving also as a bridge both in communicating with women in a family relationship, and in communication also as it is applies through the arts and verbalization.

In other words, what Seth is trying to say is that on a very deep subconscious level, memories from our past life experiences as the opposite sex are stored to keep up from over-identifying with our present sex. Biologically, we are already equipped with a "safeguard" to keep our male-female energies within us from becoming unbalanced. If this is true for each of us, then on a global scale, men are subconsciously feeling and understanding the repercussions of an unbalanced world. As above so below, as below so above. If men have the ability to tap into their inner "femininity" they clearly have the ability to empathize with the female form on a deeper level than most mainstream thinking would like to acknowledge.

Maleness and femaleness are obviously not opposites, but merging tendencies.
Through the anima and animus, so-called, present personalities are able to draw upon the knowledge and intuitions and background that was derived form past existences as the opposite sex. On some occasions, for example, the woman may go overboard and exaggerate female characteristics, in which case the animus or male within comes to her aid, bringing her dream experiences an onrush of knowledge that will result in compensating in male-like reactions. The same applies to a male when he over-identifies with what he believes to be male characteristics, for whatever reason. The anima or woman within will rouse him to make compensating actions, causing an upsurge of intuitive abilities, bringing a creative element to offset aggressiveness. (Roberts, 186)
Ideally left alone, these operations would result in a balance individually and en masse, where aggressiveness was always used creatively, as indeed it can and should be. (Roberts, 187)

In this last sentence, Seth is saying that because energetically, what we experience individually affects the mass energy of the planet, these self-balancing psychological safeguards allow us to regain control of a potentially negative loose cannonball - aggression. He also suggests that the energy of aggression is best when used to express creativity.

Seth continues to explain that the concept of anima and animus is not merely a reality that exists within the human psyche, but that also on a biological level, encoded into our genetic material:

"[The animus and anima] they not only have a reality in the psyche, however, but they are imbedded in genetically codified data by the inner self - a genetic memory of past psychic events - transposed into the genetic memory of the very cells that compose the body."
Each inner self, adopting a new body, imposes upon it and upon its entire genetic makeup, memory of the past physical forms in which it has been involved. Now the present characteristics usually overshadow the past ones. They are dominant, but the other characteristics are latent and present, built into the pattern. The physical pattern of the present body, therefore, is a genetic memory of the self's past physical forms, and of their strengths and weaknesses. (Roberts, 187)

What Seth refers to as the "inner self" is synonymous with the essence of our spirit, the aspect of us that never dies - the soul. In the Seth Material, the concept of reincarnation has already been established and understood as the blueprint of the human's evolution of the soul.

Reincarnational experiences are a part of the framework of the self, a facet of the multidimensional reality of the living psyche. (Roberts, 188)

With this concept, Seth explains that each time our soul inhabits a new physical body, the memories of all our past lives is "imposed" upon our genetic makeup.

Now, we already know and have discussed, in detail, the negative side of the masculine path. Going back to McCannon's work, here is how she defines the positive aspects of masculinity:

"The positive side of the masculine path is courage and leadership, represented by Horus or Apollo, a positive male symbol of illumination and healing. This archetype gives us the bravery to act on our convictions, and also to consider the needs and feelings of others. The path of the builder, the doer, the maker, and the creator gives order to the world. This path develops science, knowledge, and understanding and is willing to take chances, but its highest expression is as a champion for truth. It is the noble priest-king who is there for the good of the community. (McCannon, 179)
I loved this aspect of men... I thought, for their vision, their courage, and their ability to change the world. But I knew full well that either gender can make a difference if we marshal the courage to act. No matter how tuned in we are at a spiritual level, if we don't take action, nothing is accomplished.

Here, McCannon reflects about her appreciation of certain male-qualities. Courage is certainly respected and admirable a male-like quality that requires action whether the individual is male or female.

When a man is in his positive polarity, he is not trying to seize power from anyone else. He is empowered within himself. He moves out from his own center, not from a place of absolute power, conquering, or controlling, but from a place of vision, inclusion, and support. He gives as well as receives. He listens as well as leads, and because of this he is respected. He doesn't have to take power or goods from anyone. He doesn't have to control or dominate everything. When a man is in balance, he is not run by his ego or his sexual appetites. He can take action to support and protect the things he care about. (McCannon, 187)

She continues to explain the positive aspect of femininity:

The positive feminine path is one of wisdom and love. It is the path that connects us to Spirit directly, the person who sits at the center of her own being and receives gnosis. It is direct connection to the Source through knowing, feeling, intuition, receiving, and wisdom. She is the wise one who is able to see, heal, feel and know the Divine. This is the archetype of Sophia or Isis of Egypt, the Goddess of Wisdom. She is the life-giver who opens up to the heart and has the power to embody the totality of creation itself. (McCannon, 180)

Since we spent so much tie discussing the negative polarity of masculinity, I feel it is equally as important to discuss the negative polarity of femininity. Imagine if the scales were tipped the other way, and women became the suppressors of men. The following excerpt explores the implications of a dominantly negative female energy:

The negative aspect of women usually emerges when the positive, creative expression is blocked. This is the path of gossip, jealousy, and neediness. It is also the misuse of sexual power to manipulate and deceive. When women do not get to express their positive attributes directly, they fall into using their negative ones. We can see this in history when women were given no choice in a world where men had all the power. How else can the woman get her needs or her children's needs met if she does not have the power to make a living, to make her own decisions, or to e respected as an individual without having to be punished? Thus the negative polarity of the female becomes manipulative and cunning because she is not allowed to ask for what she wants directly. She must do it through the one thing that men most want... her sexuality.
When women had no control over their lives, they used the only thing left to them - their sexual allure - to get their way. (McCannon, 181)

Which leads me to my next point: The negative polarity of femininity directly hurts the cases of real victims of sexual abuse by crying wolf in the midst of all the media hype, especially within in the #metoo movement. I have yet to hear a serious discussion about "toxic femininity," but if current mainstream media is talking about "toxic masculinity", then I feel it is fair to identify and describe what I prefer to call as simply the negative aspect of women. But truth be told, I do not agree with the labeling and terminology of "toxic masculinity" or "toxic femininity" because ultimately, each one of us possesses all four polarities. By utilizing the word "toxic" it is implying a far more negative definition of a simple matter of fact and reality that it is - an energy of expression - one that is completely necessary for our existence.

Nonetheless, the cycle has continued for far too long. The old patriarchal ways have forced women as a collective to do what is necessary for survival, even if it means tapping into the negative polarity. The effects are expressed individually and as a whole.

"But the dance between the masculine and feminine forces is not only happening at a personal level. These same four polarities of positive and negative male and female energies can be applied to religions and societies. There are religions that dominate and control their subjects with fear, oppression, and threats, just as there are political regimes that do the same thing. These societies threaten, bully, and destroy not only other religions, but even their own people who will not submit. They are caught in the negative masculine polarity.
We each have the potential to express all four of these aspects. Some people are too aggressive, too loud, or too intrusive. They bully others and suppress or control. Some people are too passive, too lazy, or unmotivated. Some people are aware of what is going on, but they are too frightened to act. Other people are full of energy, but waste their time on meaningless actions. Worse yet, they never go inside themselves to contemplate a higher plan, so that when they do interact with the world they often wind up getting in trouble." (McCannon, 184)
When we give into our negative polarities, then we will attract the negative expression in others. If you imagine these four paths as separate columns, the two outer negative paths will always attract each other, but they can never work out because they are essentially self-destructive. The dominating male is the warrior without wisdom. He lacks a connection with his true center . The submissive, negative, manipulating female has no self-worth or inner power, so she looks outside of herself to survive, but she cannot choose wisely because she neither knows nor loves herself. Neither are connected to the Source or truth within. (McCannon 186).

Jamie Sams, a Native American shaman and author of Dancing The Dream. She teaches that when one person's free will is infringed upon, the instigator will, eventually, face the consequences of those actions in a creative way that will ultimately teach them a valuable lesson. She calls this reaction of energies the Dream Weave, like when you pull a string within a weave, other aspects of the greater whole are disturbed, but you don't realize it until later. The Eastern spiritual traditions call this karma. As a global human society, we will continue to see the same problems over and over, repeated in different variations, until we make the necessary changes, on an individual level, to set things right.

"When human beings begin to make changes in their lives that eliminate negative behavioral patterns, their hearts begin to put out a higher rate of hertz. Synchronicity with the Earth's energy begins to change their personal experience with life in general." Sams, 68).

In closing, I personally believe if each of us were to focus on the positive qualities of one another, offer encouragement & support, regardless of our sex, we will all be better off. When we honor ourselves for who are, accept our perfectly imperfect selves, we do not hold others to a higher standard than we would hold ourselves. When we respect one another and tap depths of our hearts, we will discover limitless amount of unbiased empathy and love available to you to help heal those along your path.

As pure energy beings, our energetic signature does not identify as male or female. Your energetic signature is defined by your state of being, by your actions, by your thoughts and your intentions. If your intentions are to empower yourself or others through the belittlement of another group of individuals, your actions will not only adversely affect you on an individual level, but you contribute on a collective level, as well.

I hope this honest and open discussion of the 4 male and female polarities will allow for a new and different perspective on the subject at hand, so that we may, as a human collective, focus on the positive aspects of ourselves and each other, while also addressing the important need for change in modern society to give birth to a New Age of Equality.

Cristy Cali is a certified holistic life coach, doctor of metaphysics, Vedic astrologer, and CEO of an internationally recognized fine jewelry brand. She currently lives in outskirts of New Orleans with her husband and two dogs. Cali's mission is to inspire, enlighten and empower others to a higher state of consciousness in order to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life through the metaphysical humanistic principles.

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