How To Forgive Your WORST Enemy

At the end of this article, there is a visual meditation exercise I personally authored to help you on your journey to self-healing and forgiveness.

Surely, in your lifetime you have felt betrayed by someone you trusted or even loved.

Maybe you've been insulted, demeaned, mortified, humiliated, attacked verbally (hopefully not physically, but that counts, too), or emotionally abused.

Even if you didn't mean to, chances are, if you were the target of any of the above, you could have done that to others as a reaction to dealing with your own internal pain.

That's what I want to talk to you about today.

When I was in elementary school, I was bullied from 2nd grade all the way through eighth grade.

Looking back, there was a lot going on:

I was the child of immigrant parents at school where there was virtually no diversity, and I was teased for my skin color, for being different, and being from a country no child at the time could pronounce - Guatemala.

Since they couldn't pronounce it, my nickname was "guacamole." 😳 😁

Yea, it's funny now, but not to an 8 year old child desperately trying to make friends.

Long story short, I didn't get along well with other kids my age. As an only child, growing up around adults with high expectations from my mother to be a "good little girl," I had a hard time finding balance between being the well-mannered, respectful, obedient, sophisticated young lady my parents wanted me to be with the behavior I saw at school.

All the "cool" kids were basically assholes.

My personal definition of asshole - purposefully acting in an unloving way towards others to hurt their feelings.

Hey, just being honest.

They were the ones that got into the most trouble and dared to talk back to adults.

Nah ah, not me. Didn't even want to imagine the consequences of repeating such behavior at home.

Well, I'm about to tell you how I can look back on those days today and feel love 💖 for those individuals who bullied and belittled me for years.

I'm going to share with you how I managed to not only forgive the people who betrayed my trust, or hurt me (whether intentional or not), but also feel genuine unconditional love for them.

‼️ But first I must warn you; full disclosure here ‼️ This is not going to work unless you open your heart and your mind

I'm going to challenge you to think differently, because clearly, if you still feel 😡 anger, resentment, despise, contempt, or repulsed 😫by someone you feel wronged you in some way, whatever you're currently doing to get over it isn't working.

And let me be the first to say that "getting over it" is not the kind of attitude that is going to help you move forward.

Temporarily, perhaps, but we all know what cover up tattoos and half-ass remodel home jobs look like. Everyone notices, except you for being in denial.

Step #1: Reimagine What It Means To Be Human

Open to your mind and begin to accept that the fact that a part of you is divine, and pure love energy 💞✨

Being human means our bodies are of the earth and our spirit and soul is an energy which connects us all to one another.

If your political ideologies, religious or cultural beliefs require you to look down upon, condemn or deny others genuine love for not sharing in your beliefs, then be aware enough to recognize that your own beliefs are preventing you from opening your heart to your fellow human brothers and sisters.

Now, let's look at this from a metaphysical perspective:

When you adopt the belief that energetically speaking, whatever we are feeling internally (happiness, sadness, anger, resentment, grief, etc) is the type of energy you exert out into the world via every decision you make (from the words you use and the actions you take to the types of clothes you wear and products you support) then you know that people will love and accept you for your authenticity. That's how you attract people and friends who truly support you - just like you are to me! That's why I find the people on my C.Chronicles list so special because y'all undertand me, accept me for who I am and hopefully enjoy reading my messages because it resonates with you 💞

Love 💗 is synonymous to high vibrations, figuratively and literally. This is a proven scientific fact. So, when we align ourselves with love and 😍 happiness, nothing can hurt us because negative energy vibrates at a low frequency, which does not affect you at that point.

Step #2: Accepting The Responsibility Of Your Energy Signature ⚡

AKA "The Law of Attraction"

Now that you understand how your energy signature affects the people around you, imagine all of the opportunities that will come your way!

The most important point to understand as to why adopting these beliefs will help you heal is this:

When we accept and understand that there is an aspect of ourselves which is infinite (our consciousness never dies, soul or spirit) that means every single human out there is the same in that respect. Which also means, there is a part of us that is not confined to the rules of earth - polarity. There is a part of us that is perfect and divine, that which connects us all to each other.

Polarity means opposite ends; two points. When you have two points, there are ranges. When there are ranges, there are degrees. When there are degrees, there are factors. And where there are factors, there are determining factors.

See where I'm going here?

There is no such thing in another dimension of reality, which is just as real as this one.

Our Bodies As Temples

The part of us that is not pure energy is our bodies; which is a huge responsibility for us to care for. Surely, you've heard our bodies being referred to as "our temple" in religious or spiritual texts. Well, I do believe this is very true. Our spirit lives in and resides in our human bodies. Therefore; it should be respected, cared and loved for as a sacred space!

So remember, your body is the temple to your infinite consciousness, which is connected to the Universe and all living things!

Imagine the food and drinks you consume and the products you use on your body... if you realized just how beautiful and miraculous it means to be human - this earthly and divine spiritual creature - wouldn't you treat yourself more lovingly and therefore be more loving to your fellow human brothers and sisters?

Step #3: Understanding "Classroom Earth"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard our planet be described as "Classroom Earth" but the more I thought about it, the more I enjoyed the concept of our home planet this way.

We do so much learning here. I mean, when you really think about what the heck are we doing here? Billions of people on a floating water and rock planet spinning around a ball of fire that is 1.3 million times the size of our own planet? Oh and there's other balls of gas and rock spinning around as well as billions of other galaxies like us doing a cosmic dance in a big empty space.

Sounds like a science fiction movie. But this shit is real.

So, let that sink in for a minute...

Breathe in, and breath out a few times.

Take some really good deep breaths because if that was a lot to take in, then you may want to sit down for what I'm about to say next.

On planet earth, human beings have the ability to be mean and cruel because everyone has free will of choice.

Strength, courage, love and forgiveness take conscious effort because it is more difficult to raise ourselves above the lower vibrations.

Step #4: Self-Love Is the Secret Key To Forgiveness

Let's say "on the other side" or "in another dimension" there is no such thing as polarity, just pure ✨ energy. That means whatever you learn and accomplish from your lifetime on classroom earth will ultimately lead to the growth and evolution of your soul. The more you live your life in a positive light, the more love you radiate, the more good energy is spread to others.

This is where the concept and ceremonial tradition of how lighting another candle with your own light doesn't take away from yours.

There is a lot to learn from the emotional pain and suffering inflicted upon us from others. We learn first hand how hurtful and painful the words and actions of others can be. As difficult of an experience as this can be, you cannot deny how powerful of a learning experience that is.

The problem arises when we hold onto the pain.

We do so unconsciously, thinking maybe if we just forced and pushed ourselves forward, it'll all go away.

Again, maybe temporarily, but that's not real healing.

No one knows better than you how difficult it is to rise above [the bullshit] and be a loving person. Hence the new hashtag Instagram trend, #transcendthebullshit


But if you adopt this one belief, I promise you, you will have a much easier time forgiving others in the future:

Use the power of your imagination to see every person you come into contact with as yourself. Seriously, imagine they are you and you are engaging with yourself.

You're not going to be an asshole to yourself, unless you're already being disrespectful to yourself.

You're not going to be unforgiving to yourself, unless you're already being too hard and unforgiving to yourself.

You're not going to be rude and condescending to yourself, unless you are already treating yourself this way.

If this is the relationship you have with yourself, then working on self-love, self-care, self-value and self-respect should be your number one priority. And it's never to late to begin.

You cannot do unto others what you don't even do for yourself.


Accept yourself for the beautiful miracle that you are. Forgive yourself for those times you fell short and make a conscious effort to do better next time, especially now that you know better! There will ALWAYS be many opportunities given throughout your life to improve. No one's perfect, remember!

Metaphysically speaking, we are all energy. The only thing that differentiates us is our energy signature - the rate at which we vibrate based on how positively or negatively we live our lives, which is based on our beliefs, which determine our decisions.

So, if we are all energy, then essentially we're all here with each other, on classroom earth learning through billions of different perspectives.

When you use your imagination and creativity to build your own beautiful reality, despite how bizarre it may be to others, what matters most is the underlying message, attitude, and positive results of seeing the world in a different light.

If the end result is being able to truly love unconditionally, forgive easily, let go of buried pain and anger, that's amazing! All that matters is what works for YOU.

That's the whole point! We're all unique. We all perceive things differently. We need to let go of the old beliefs that don't work any more and adopt new ones that help us reach our goals. However that looks like to us, as long as it delivers the results in alignment with the higher good.

Forgiveness Meditation Exercise by Rev, Dr. Cali

As an ordained minister of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, I bring you this intuitively written meditation to help support your journey of self-healing and self-love.

The color purple is a powerful spiritual color of forgiveness.

Close your eyes, use your creativity and imagination to picture the following:

You are on a secret magical tropical island where it is well known that the land is divinely protected by angels and white fairies.

You decide to take a walk down a trail path to explore and experience the magic this island has to offer.

As you pass colorful and majestic species of trees and plants that you've never seen before, you begin to see and hear some movement around you. Knowing there's nothing to be afraid of, you open your heart and telepathically communicate with whatever the being is you can't see behind the bushes.

In your telecommunication, you say, "I am not afraid. I will not hurt you. I come in peace. I am love. Will you show yourself?"

Then, to your disbelief, a real white Unicorn with blue, pink and purple hues around it's horn slowly walks out and makes itself known to you.

You both stand there, less than 10 feet from one another, gazing deep into each others eyes.

The moment you make eye contact with this Unicorn, you feel an incredible abundance of love enter into your heart and you begin to cry tears of love and joy for knowing such a creature really does exist.

The Unicorn telepathically communicates back to you and says, "I, too, am love. I come in peace. My name is Nyla."

You opened your heart and being the magical creature that Nyla is, she can see, feel and sense the pain that you carry from past emotional hurt, abuse and suffering.

She says, "I see you have some dark energy attached to your soul. You poor darling. I am sorry you have had to ensure so much pain for so long. You did not deserve that. Please, may I show you something?"

She turns and walks down another path unseen to you before.

Curiously, you follow her.

You walk for about 10 minutes before you begin to hear moving water.

The sound becomes louder and louder until you realize, it's only a matter of time before you know you will reach your destination.

Nyla says, "Just a bit further and we'll be there."

Then you see it. Behind the tropical leaves and colorful trees you see the most majestic purple/lavender waterfall you've ever seen. There are butterflies and fairies flying around everywhere pouring pixie dust in the water making it sparkle and radiate. The water itself is actually shining and sparkling!

Nyla takes you to the edge of the water and says "Wait here." She walks away and comes back shortly with a golden tunic, then begins to explain, "This is the Waterfall of the Sacred Heart. It is all loving, all healing, and purely divine. Take off your clothes and walk into the water and immerse yourself until all the dark energy is washed away. The water will clear your aura of all negative attachments and heal you completely of all internal pain and suffering. When you have cleared your aura, you will know because of how you feel. When you are cleared, put on this divine and golden tunic."

You can't believe this. Is this too good to be true? Will this really work? When in Rome right? Nothing's worked so far, what's skinny dipping into an imaginary magical purple waterfall with a telepathic unicorn guide going to hurt?

You strip your clothes (symbolically, this represents shedding old beliefs and letting go of what was once yours) and you begin to step into the water.

As you slowly immerse yourself into the body of water, you start to notice the water that is touching you is beginning to turn a dark purple-black. The deeper you immerse, the darker the water around you turns.

"Do not be afraid," says Nyla, "that is the negativity being pulled from your aura and dissipating into the water. It will clear soon."

Sure enough, the dark water could not withstand the power and immensity of the divine purple water.

You take a deep breath and completely immerse yourself.

Time stops. Oh wait, you can breathe! You can breathe underwater!

An angelic voice speaks to you. It is the Spirit of the Waterfall of the Sacred Heart.

"I am here for you, [your name]. You have forgotten me. You have forgotten that I am with you always. You need not come to my Sacred Waterfall for healing, for you are connected to me infinitely through the grace of your love, your Inner Truth, your own Sacred Heart. I live in you, through your love, and your Higher Power. But you are always welcome here, My Child. Be love. You are loved."

You open your eyes and swim back to the top. You feel the happiest and most loved you've ever felt in your entire life. You have been reborn and cleared of all negative attachments. You are anew.

Nyla awaits you with your new divine golden sparkling tunic. As you walk out of the waterfall, you are completely dry and moisturized. Your skin is glowing, radiantly.

You put on your golden tunic and Nyla invites you to ride her as she guides you around the rest of the island, showing you and teaching you more about the magic of life.

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