ost people understand the term “holistic” refers to the “whole,” meaning Holistic Life Coaches take into consideration not only your mind, but your body and spirit as well. 

According to my University professor, “when we go beyond empirical or objective psychology, we enter the realm of metapsychology. Metapsychology is a term coined by Sigmon Freud and means ‘beyond’ psychology.”



Wikipedia defines metapsychology as “a systematic attempt to discern what lies beyond the facts and laws of psychology, such as the relations between body and mind or concerning the place of the mind in the universe.”



As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, my mission is to help you achieve your goals and move in a forward direction.  The way this is accomplished is by identifying any existing beliefs you may have which are limiting, not your abilities, but your capabilities… AND SQUASH THEM. 


I’m going to look at every aspect of your life. What you’re eating. What your hobbies are. How your relationships, friendships and family influence your decisions. How you’re utilizing your time and energy. Why you feel a certain way, and much more. 



It’s not going to be easy to open up and trust a complete stranger, whether myself or another life coach/therapist, to objectively and honestly tell you what you need to do to transform your life. But I’ll tell you this: NO ONE ELSE WILL.  



Even if your family or friends really are giving you great advice, will you really listen? Talking about our problems and struggles in reaching our goals may be a typical discussion you have with people in your inner circle, yet how often do you see any real change come from that?

There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.
~ William Barclay


Together, let’s discover the authentic power that lives within you that is aching to come out and flourish in the light of your life.


If your heart feels resonance with my message here, then I would  be happy and thrilled to work with you for the honored turn-arounds you are seeking for your own life.  I only accept clients who I truly believe I can help, which honors both your time and money, as well makes sure you receive the exact qualified help you are seeking. 


If you feel you strongly resonate with my energy and are ready start your jouney by booking your first session with me, click below and
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