Chelsea Schultz


A Chakra Healing, paintbrush-wielding, Tarot-slinging Biz Coach to CREATIVE EMPATHS, Chelsea Schultz realized three years ago that most people are creatively constipated-- blocked against their own human and spiritual need for deep, luscious self expression.


She thought, it’s time for a CREATIVE and SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION where sensitive, soulful people have money, power and influence to bring more heart exploding, massive love and generosity to this world.

She's passionate about putting sensitive, creative people out of hiding and into their power because she understand that they’re the ones who can truly heal this world. That’s why she is dedicated to uplifting empathic healers, artists, teachers, writers, makers and creatives of all kinds to be vibrant, visible and PAID six figures for their passionate Soul Purpose! 

As a spiritual guide and business coach to many (@ecstaticcreator), I’m always on the giving end of spiritual insight and emotional support. I am 100% amazed at Dr. Cali’s amazing intuition in putting this whole experience together. There were so many cool synchronicities in the report and in what she included with my beautiful bracelet. I cried when I opened the box because I could just feel the PURE LOVE emanating from it. What an amazing and personal experience, if you need extra love, recognition and amazing insight into your life, this is the best experience you’ll ever have!!!

Just what I needed!!

Dr. Cali has such an amazing gift!

"I just couldn't believe that when I opened it up my favorite things were sitting in there."

Discover Your 6-Figure Soul Purpose With Chelsea

Dr. Cali's Empowerment Bracelet Experience

Dr. Cali's Empowerment Bracelet Experience


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