The truth really does set us free... 

We just have to have the courage to do be honest with ourselves and be even braver to consciously make adjustments in our responses once we know better.

Dr. Cristy Cali



    've been there. I’ve been torn down repeatedly by someone I loved and taken advantage of by people I trusted, along with other harsh situations life can deliver us. And after three attempted suicides, I chose to take a stand for myself, break free from bad habits and live the life I had always desired. 


I want to give you those same keys I found and used my own self to turn your life around, so that you may cherish the beautiful being that you are, achieve greatness, success  & happiness. Whatever that looks like for you!


Through my challenging journey, I discovered how to heal my emotional wounds, chronic depression and let go of reckless behavior. From overcoming seemingly hopeless scenarios, I decided to pursue a doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences with a concentration in Holistic Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling, so I could have a strong and solid foundation to help others. 


As the CEO & designer of an internationally-recognized fine jewelry brand, I know a thing or two about following your truth and building a new life from the ground up. Since I've been involved in the jewelry business, I've generated millions of dollars in sales with happy customers from all corners of the world. From nothing but my heart, I launched Cristy Cali Jewelry in 2012 and opened seven major retail accounts within my first year of doing business, was on the front cover of New Orleans Magazine as a "Person To Watch" in 2014, and now achieve well over six-figures in sales each year and growing!​​ 

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave

~ Dakota


Together, let’s discover the authentic power that lives within you that is aching to come out and flourish in the light of your life.


    My spiritual counseling clients are individuals who:

    • Transforming an unhappy or stagnant life

    • Realizing your root of unhappiness

    • Increasing your self-value and confidence

    • Shape strong “bullet-proof” boundaries 

    • Learn how to market yourself or business in today's world

    • And fortify incredible self-acceptance, self-responsibility and self-love


    My spiritual counseling clients are individuals who:

    • feel a strong desire to improve their self-esteem, self-value, and self-confidence 

    • please others over and above themselves

    • struggle with anxiety, stress and worry 

    • feel held back from past emotional wounds


    My Business coaching clients are individuals who:

    • feel a calling to start a business and may or may not know where to start

    • considering starting a business or e-commerce business

    • want to discover and create a business plan

    • desire guidance in growing their existing business

Tough times never last, but tough people do

~ Robert H. Schueller


    • BBA from Loyola University of New Orleans

    • BA, MHs.D, and PhD. in Metaphysics from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science

    • Certified Holistic Life Coach 

    • Ordained Minister of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism

    • Professional Member of the International Metaphysical Practitioner's Association 2018

    • Certified CAD/CAM Tech Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California

    • Founder & CEO of Cristy's Collection 


    • Enthusiastically positive attitude

    • Eager to listen

    • Neutral positioning

    • Clear & transparent

    • Logical 

    • Very direct

    • 100% Non-judgmental

    • Extremely honest, at times brutally, if need be

    • Match your swag, if you know what I mean

    • Lighthearted & kind

    • Humorous


    • Born in Guatemala; fluent in Spanish

    • Salsa & bachata dancer on the weekends

    • Father bought me my first motorcycle at age 7, still riding today!

    • Successfully completed my first solo cross-country flight at age 22 in a Cessna 182

    • Launched my jewelry brand in 2012

    • Featured on the cover of New Orleans Magazine's September 2014 issue

    • I love rock and roll, 80's, classical, and oldies music

    • Mama to a great dane, beagle mix & 2 cats


 If your heart feels resonance with my message here, then I would be honored and thrilled to work with you for the turn-arounds you are seeking for your own life.  I only accept clients who I truly believe I can help, which honors both your time and money, as well makes sure you receive the exact qualified help you are seeking. 

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