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Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. 

~ Prince


There's a sense of loneliness when things aren't going the way we'd hoped.

We feel like no one really understands what we're going through.


Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm an emotional intuitive.

I have the ability to not only read people's energy, but I can, in most cases, literally feel the pain of others in my own body. I've learned to utilize my intuition to help guide others into a happier state of being.

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As a certified holistic life coach, doctor of metaphysics, CEO of an internationally recognized jewelry brand, and an ordained minister of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, my experience and background can be helpful in the following areas


Most people understand the term “holistic” as referring to the “whole.” Holistic Life Coaches take into consideration not only your mind, but your body and spirit as well. We analyze your belief systems to identify which ones may be consciously or unconsciously attributing to your self-imposed limitations.


Many coaches put spiritual counseling and holistic life coaching in the same category. I prefer to separate the two for those individuals who are curious and seeking answers regarding anything from existence, consciousness, and cosmology, to universal truths, and the origins of life. I will assist in guiding you on your own spiritual journey.


My journey as an entrepreneur has provided me with a sense of purpose, which has also attributed to some of my greatest challenges and triumphs. As a business coach, I enjoy teaching creatives how to monetize from a passion or talent and structure a successful business plan. I also specialize in family business consulting.

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Healing is dealing, and dealing is feeling, and feeling is healing

Are you ready to heal & transform yourself?


 If your heart feels resonance with my message here, then I would be honored and thrilled to work with you for the turn-arounds you are seeking for your own life.  I only accept clients who I truly believe I can help, which honors both your time and money, as well makes sure you receive the exact qualified help you are seeking. 

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